Interim Exceptional Children Director

Experienced former/retired EC Directors can serve as Interim EC Directors in a temporary capacity while schools are in the hiring process.  Summer is a time of preparation for the school year for EC Directors/Coordinators, our Interim EC Directors can help keep your school on track.

  • Review IEPs of all new incoming students and start the student files 
  • Ensure all the needed service providers are contracted/hired for the start of the year to avoid a lapse in service delivery 
  • Ensure IEP meetings are scheduled for the beginning of the year those (with September and October review dates) 
  • Ensure your team is on schedule for upcoming re-evaluations 
  • Ensure compensatory education time is being met 
  • Ensure ESY time is being met 
  • Start the process of case management assignments 
  • Assist with class assignments for EC students 
  • Meet with any families who may have questions regarding IEPs, service time, etc.
  • Ensure all IEPs are current to ensure everything is ready for the December 1 count 
  • Update/create a master list of EC students
  • Begin preparations for the EC Transfer of Funds
  • Other duties as requested