VisioBook Repair

Visiobook Repair

Your broken VisioBook is no longer obsolete!

We repair VisioBooks for school systems and individuals all over the country. When the VisioBook went out of production by the manufacturer in Germany, Equalize Sensory Services became the primary repair center in North America, allowing users of the VisioBook to maintain their visual access with functional equipment. We have repaired hundreds of machines and saved school systems thousands of dollars. For more information, click here: VisioBook Repair

Equalize Sensory Services will repair your VisioBook for $395, including common parts and labor.*

Distance Camera and/or Near Camera not focusing ** Zoom dial not working ** Light not functioning ** Battery not holding a charge ** Broken Screen (add $150) ** Arms not holding screen in position

You name it, we can likely fix it! Each VisioBook will be repaired to its maximum working capacity by our expert electronic technicians. There will only be a charge for VisioBooks that are repairable. Most repairs are completed within 10 business days of receipt, except during the summer when demand is higher or when sending large quantities of VisioBooks. Ship by Free Matter for the Blind or insured shipping to our repair center.

60-day warranty for repaired equipment (same issue) with matching serial number.

Download the VisioBook Repair Form and please follow the form directions.

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