Low Vision Design Consultation for Facilities and Homes

Low Vision Design Consultation for Facilities and Homes

Whether you are building a new facility, remodeling a current one, or want to be proactive in addressing the needs of your current and future residents with vision impairment, we are here to help educate and evaluate. Magnified Life will provide insights into how to build or modify environments that will keep your residents with low vision safe and independent.

Private homes can present significant challenges for someone with vision loss. Aging in place is ideal and our team can help by suggesting small changes that can make a big impact. Adding contrast, removing visually cluttered patterns, and changing some basics can truly enhance the lives of those with vision loss.

What is Low Vision Design Consulting? A Magnified Life expert will enter a home or facility and using their trained eye, will evaluate the environment for things that can be modified and improved for someone with low vision. These changes make the environment safer, more functional, and even more joyful! Life with vision loss can be challenging but with a few adjustments, one can thrive in their living environment.

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